Extra-Curricular Activities

The British School of Málaga offers an extra-curricular programme designed to complement our students’ studies and encourage them to engage in a wide range of social, cultural and sporting activities.


This helps with physical control, motor skills, self-control, decision-making and learning how to fall correctly.

German lessons

These are offered to primary children. In a world of ever increasing globalisation, this language will provide young people with even more opportunities in future.


These classes start with warm-ups, followed by independent movement, basic positions of the feet and arms, and bar work. The children learn to dance with classical and Disney music.


This is a combination of art and sport. Music is combined with movement, developing physical skills and improving coordination and rhythm.


Come along to basketball to play an indoor sport that can be enjoyed whatever the weather. With these FUNdamentals, students can learn skills, be a part of a team and enjoy exercise in a friendly, competitive environment.


This is a great sport for encouraging team work. Children develop interpersonal skills and practice all elements of football such as passing, control, shooting and dribbling. They also learn to attack and defend. The sessions are fun and help prepare children for the weekend matches.

Flamenco dancing

A form of dance and music which originated in Andalusia. Dance offers physical benefits such as acquiring good posture and improved balance. It also increases self-esteem and helps personal development.


Teacher Howard Gardner (Theory of Multiple Intelligences, 1983) recognised something that we all knew intuitively: being academically successful is not enough in life.
We have to develop multiple skills and abilities, for example, through language, mathematical logic, spatial awareness, problem solving, etc.

On the basis of LEGO® Education and the Robotix® programme, our key objective is to help our students develop a passionate interest in science, engineering, robotics and architecture. They will learn using play, imagination, creativity and building.

We combine concepts linked to construction (physics, mechanics, etc.) with simple programming techniques.

No previous knowledge of programming is necessary, just a willingness to enjoy yourself, to learn, and to live life to the full!


This is a very disciplined sport, it relieves natural aggression, and develops a sense of ownership and control of gestures. It also builds a sense of security and self-confidence, and promotes mental skills, strategic thinking, self-control and respect.

Funky/Hip Hop

It aids intellectual, spiritual and physical development, and improves coordination and movement.